To Miss Jacobs & Miss Downing, teachers (Junior school, grammar school). From Kathy Noble.

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Dear Friend,

These two teachers were my heroes in their term. They were not afraid of telling children, including me, to do the work they had [been] set for us. Reach for higher things - you can do it.

The history mistress (Miss Downing) was our deputy girls headmistress, strict upon us for behaviour towards each other. She gave us huge projects in school holidays and I did them all. She gave me the motivation to read the history in my environment: why! why! why! at times I was in trouble for handing in work to her.

When both these teachers died I cried for the loss of them.

About Miss Jacobs & Miss Downing

teachers (Junior school, grammar school).

Received March 8, 2016.
Published June 13, 2016.