To Clara Zetkin, Marxist theorist, activist, women's rights advocate. From Sylvia Kölling.

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Dear Clara Zetkin,

Thank you for organising the first International Women’s Day in 1911. Today we still celebrate this day & although there is still a lot of work to be done until we are truly equal to men, we have come a long wayfrom when you were fighting for women’s rights in Bismarckian Germany. Would you believe that we are still arguing about some of the same issues now?

Your anti-war work was also incredibly inspiring and I read some of your speeches and addresses in school.

You matter to me because you are a woman from my area who I share many values with & who stood up to be counted when it mattered.

Thank you for all your work.


About Clara Zetkin

Marxist theorist, activist, women's rights advocate. Born 1857, died 1933. More information about Clara Zetkin.

Received March 8, 2016.
Published June 3, 2016.