To Dott Hughes, art teacher. From Lizzie Gent.


Dear Dott Hughes,

I am writing to you to thank you for being part of my life in the short time I knew you. I still miss you & think of you.

I met you when I first came out and from the beginning you struck me as the perfect role model for the independent lesbian woman who was confident in leading her own life, living on her own, working as an inspirational art teacher.

You and Françoise organised so many amazing trips and holidays for Marian & me. We always had such a good time with you – sitting in your garden, drinking coffee in your beautiful house, playing with any of the succession of cats that came in and out of your life. And the times when you called in at our house always brightened any afternoon or evening. There are so many memories of you that I can’t believe you’re no longer in this world.

I still miss you hugely.

Love from


About Dott Hughes

art teacher.

Received March 12, 2016.
Published August 8, 2016.