To Julie McGrann, wife, mother. From Danny McGrann.


To my wonderful wife Julie Anne McGrann

You are a very inspirational human being. Even though you have experienced so much hurt and rejection in your life, have suffered through so many losses through the sudden deaths of your son Sion, your dad, your uncle, your grandad, your cousin, your uncle and your brother all in the space of a few years, as well as living many years as a single mum and being married to me with my difficulties and all this while living with the majorly disabling PMDD illness and your ongoing hormone problems, you continue to bounce back and persist in your Christian faith, on your walk with God, pursuing truth, health and justice, sharing God’s peace and showing love to people at every opportunity whenever you are well enough to, like when you have your hand warmers to a homeless man yesterday. You are an inspiration!

About Julie McGrann

wife, mother.

Received May 15, 2016.
Published December 27, 2016.