To Amanda Palmer, singer-songwriter, musician. From Krystie Norcliffe.

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Dear Amanda Palmer,

You’ve heard from me before, but I doubt you remember.

I wanted to tell you about the first time I heard “Sing” by the Dresden Dolls. I had never seen a woman so passionate. Before I listened to your music, I thought I needed to be quiet; I’d grown quite accustomed to being silent about a lot of things.

“Sing” perfectly encapsulated how I felt about speaking out, and gave me the courage to say “This is what I feel”; “This is what I think” and “This is what I’ve been through”.

I’m still working on that - on being unapologetically myself. How do you do it?

I hope that I meet you again! Your work has shaped me and so many people I know.

Krystie xx

About Amanda Palmer

singer-songwriter, musician. Born 1976. More information about Amanda Palmer.

Received June 9, 2016.
Published August 5, 2016.