To Lilian Bland, journalist, aviator. From Lucy Hartley.

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Dear Lilian Bland,

You are an amazing journalist, traveller and adventurer!

You built your own plane in Ireland in 1910 even though it didn’t have a fuel tank - so you made one out of your aunt’s ear trumpet and an old whiskey bottle. You then flew it (even though it was only for 30 yards - but a pretty impressive attempt nevertheless).

As well as building aeroplanes you are also a fantastic journalist, photographer and enjoyed martial arts.

At a time when women were supposed to stay at home, you smoked, wore trousers, knew how to shoot a gun and liked cars.

Your give it a go attitude is an inspiration and shows that there should be no limits to anyone.


About Lilian Bland

journalist, aviator. Born 1878, died 1971. More information about Lilian Bland.

Received June 9, 2016.
Published August 26, 2016.