To Jane Eyre, fictional character. From Khadiza Bibi.

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Dearest Jane,

I would like to thank you for sharing the different moments you have experienced in your life: they were very much inspiring and empowering. You are strong-willed, powerful, and immensely brilliant - your strong nature has certainly inspired me as a woman. It is incredible to hear how you have loved your own way in life; and most importantly your defiance and determination to lead your own life was endearing to hear. Can I also mention how proud and strong I felt when you rejected Mr Rochester - you certainly did not submit yourself to any man - even the man you loved. You are the true epitomy of femininity and your strong nature has inspired countless women and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Yours ever,

Khadiza Bibi

About Jane Eyre

fictional character. More information about Jane Eyre.

Received June 9, 2016.
Published July 22, 2016.