To Hannah Rennie,Teresa Rennie,Dorothy Rennie, sister, mother, grandmother. From Kirsty Rennie.


To my favourite Rennie women, Hannah, my sister, Teresa, my mother, Dorothy, my nanna. You have all shaped me into the woman I am today, without realising it. Hannah, you have allowed me to look after you as a big sister should. You have repaid the favour by looking after me in a way I never thought my little sister would. Mum, I have seen you in strength and weakness – both my own and yours – but you have kept us both alive with your determination and understanding. Nanna, an inspiration. You brought up my dad and his two brothers. Faced the worst and embraced the best. With Grandad Mac by your side, testing your patience at times, I imagine. You have all accepted who I am and never judged my actions, or suppressed my personality. Three generations of women who have all impacted my life so positively, and when at my worst have been a part of the glue that held me together. I love all of you. Your sister, your daughter, your grand-daughter Kirsty

About Hannah Rennie,Teresa Rennie,Dorothy Rennie

sister, mother, grandmother.

Received August 20, 2016.
Published November 13, 2016.