To Jenny Saville, artist. From Oliver Bliss.

Scan of the letter


Dear Jenny Saville, I wanted to let you know how much you influenced me as an artist. I love the themes of your work, you make me want to produce art which can demonstrate a high level of skill as well as carry a meaningful message. You help articulate all the negative feelings and anxieties of body image that was so relate-able as a teen. I love that you allowed your triptych strategy (South Face/Front Face/North Face) to be used as the cover sleeve for the Manics’ Holy Bible album. When I finally saw your work for the first time in person I was overwhelmed by the sense of scale of the raw flesh confronting me. I’m so saddened by the fact your earlier work was lost in Saatchi’s warehouse fire. I’m glad people have the opportunity to experience a taste of these works through digital and printed remains. I hope you continue to create and inspire. Thank you. Love Oly

About Jenny Saville

artist. Born 1970. More information about Jenny Saville.

Received August 20, 2016.
Published September 29, 2016.