To Sharon Creech, author. From Carina Ripley.

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To the woman who wrote the first book that ever made me cry,

I can’t remember your name. Or what the book was called. It was written in poems and was about a girl who drew an apple every day for a month, observing it as it rotted. The apple was a metaphor for the girl’s life as it fell apart around her. It was a library book; I’ve tried to remember your name, googling different things. I want to own a copy, to read it again and see how it makes me feel now. Reading a book that has the power to make me cry is one of my most favourite things - so I want to say thank you for introducing me to that experience.

Thank you,

Carina x

(NB: The author’s name is Sharon Creech and the book is called Heartbeat)

About Sharon Creech

author. Born 1945. More information about Sharon Creech.

Received November 16, 2016.
Published January 2, 2017.