To Caroline Aherne, writer, comedian, actor. From Katie Parker.


Dear Caroline Aherne,

You died earlier this year from cancer, and I’m really sad I didn’t know much about you until now. Since you died I’ve learnt a lot about you and you’re now one of my favourite people. Not only were you exceptionally intelligent, with an impressive IQ, you’re also the brains behind so many comedy shows I love. A real Northern woman and let’s be honest, Northern women are the funniest around. Royale Family gave a voice to working class Northern families and shone light on how hard, complex, funny and scruffy life could be. With simple values but large hearts and big big laughs. You fought to keep the production authentic and your original vision. You get half of the writing credits for the show and I wonder how many people attribute the success to you. Your character in the show couldn’t be further from you. You’re a bright, dedicated, creative and funny human, who made working class life something to be proud of.

I’m really sad about your passing.

About Caroline Aherne

writer, comedian, actor. Born 1963, died 2016. More information about Caroline Aherne.

Received November 16, 2016.
Published December 28, 2016.