To anonymous, friend. From Ting Waterhouse.

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Dear friend, Your death has been a very big part of my life.Your life and my life weren’t very intertwines, but we were definitively friends. We were young and had silly fun together. When you died lots of people’s lives changed; you going away made us all love a bit more and try a bit harder. And for that I’m grateful that you could shape our lives once and forever. You, in a way, will always be sixteen, whilst we have aged and changed. I’m sorry we left you there, I wish you could have come along with us, it’s strange without you, now we’ve all grown up a bit. You will always be sixteen, and part of us will be there with you, too. Thank you for everything, I love you. (I didn’t tell you that enough!!) Ting <3

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Received November 16, 2016.
Published March 23, 2017.