To Ethel Smyth, composer, musician, suffragette. From Heather Roberts.

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For Ethel Smyth, Your activism was as a suffragette which was a brilliant cause, obviously. I know you from your musical works and even in that arena you were groundbreaking and rebellious – becoming a composer despite your father’s hearty disapproval but went on regardless. Regardless is a good word for you, I think. You became a composer regardless of familial disappointment. You became a suffragette despite threats and violence. You lived openly as a bisexual regardless of social norms and stigma. That’s what I admire – your living your life regardless</> of what people think. A rebel from the start. So thanks for that. Heather

About Ethel Smyth

composer, musician, suffragette. Born 1858, died 1944. More information about Ethel Smyth.

Received January 7, 2017.
Published February 24, 2017.