To Atena Farghadani, artist, political activist. From Will Harris.

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Dear Atena Farghadani, Your bravery is an inspiration to everyone who has fought for justice and equality around the world. Without activists, journalists and satirists with a passion for progressive social change holding governments to account and exposing them for their oppressive acts, liberty is easily lost. Your illustrations are powerful (and dangerous to those who would oppress you) – demonstrated by the fact you were imprisoned and persecuted for them. I thank you for the great work you have done to protect and improve women’s rights in Iran, and the inspiration you give to us all. Keep fighting. In solidarity, Will Harris

About Atena Farghadani

artist, political activist. Born 1987. More information about Atena Farghadani.

Received January 7, 2017.
Published March 2, 2017.