To Olga Kenyon, author, friend. From Ann-Marie Vibhatika McCormack.

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Dear Aryamati (Olga Kenyon), You were possibly the most inspiring and interesting woman I have had the privilege of spending time with during my lifetime so far. You were never held back, were never predictable, you certainly compromise your ideals and strove continually for what you believed was right and pure in life. Your work with Amnesty changed my whole perspective on people’s struggles. You campaigned for women’s rights with a passion that I son’t think I have witnessed in anyone else I can think of. Your eccentricity knew no bounds and added to your beauty and appeal. Sometimes in your quest for a cause, or for your family, you neglected yourself and your poor body. It was good that you had people around you, often Buddhists, to encourage you to look after yourself. How did you find the energy to encourage and give to your family so so much? I remember you telling me how you would speak to your granddaughter about her education twice a week. It’s hard for me to imagine having a grandma like you! Thank you for serving humankind. Thank you for your example, for your poetry, editing and writing especially “800 Years of Women’s Letters”, for your confidence giving and honesty. Thank you for inspiring me to involve myself and share my poetry and I was in my 20s, for your ongoing exemplification and more recently thank you for the openness, care and connection in our Buddhist Chapter. I miss you Aryamati and yet your influence is alive. I will never forget you…and when I remember you, I want to be a better person. All my love from your dear friend Vibhatika (Ann-Marie-McCormack)

About Olga Kenyon

author, friend. Born 1937, died 2014. More information about Olga Kenyon.

Received March 5, 2017.
Published April 28, 2017.