To Pamela Grant, mother. From Kyle Grant.


Dear Pamela, My mother, I write to you in a room surrounded by letters to inspiring women. Although we never discuss politics at any great length, you should know you’ve certainly provided me with the best possible example of a woman overcoming the undue burdens society places on you and your sisters. The letters surrounding me are plagued with tales of liberation yet we often dismiss the inability of women to be liberated from the duty of care. I can probably never find a way to show my appreciation for all you have sacrificed for me as well as my brother. I hope you never feel guilt for the amount of time you spent at work with us under care. For me, you are the perfect example of the struggle of the modern woman. You have achieved much in your career in an environment where men carry on unloaded with the unrewarded burdens you bear. I would not be living in Germany, nor in Manchester right now, had you not made the personal sacrifices you have. You are my provider, my source of strength, and my sanctuary. Sadly, my understanding of you has for many years been defined by your role in MY life. I want to know more about who you are beyond my mother but I never know how to ask. I would also like to say thank you to the woman you could have become without the responsibility of being our primary carer. Here is the source of my inability to ask, the guilt I bear as the recipient of a role you took on without the full support of our society. I hope Tyler and I can be the feminist you’ve taught us to be by example. All my love, Kyle

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Received February 21, 2017.
Published May 5, 2017.