To Rosa Luxemburg, theorist, philosopher, political activist. From Katherine Rogers.


Dear Rosa Luxemburg, You are one of the namesakes for my daughter; a rose, a symbol for strength, beauty yet vulnerability. But I write to you to remember your strength at a time when women were virtually invisible within political movements and society. You simply refused to be limited by your gender and indeed your disability. Your brilliant mind, tenacity and sheer sense of optimism and belief in the power of the working class people is an inspiration to me. You even spotted an inherent gap in Marx’s philosophy and developed the concept of capitalism’s inevitable collapse, a theory which is now understood but often not attributed to you. Your contribution to left wing thinking is huge and you made men sit up and listen to you through your ideas and passion. We need role models like you more than ever in the struggle for a just world, a more equal world for a better future for our daughters and sons. With respect and in hope for that better world, Katherine Rogers

About Rosa Luxemburg

theorist, philosopher, political activist. Born 1871, died 1919. More information about Rosa Luxemburg.

Received March 5, 2017.
Published April 27, 2017.