To Pauline, friend. From Elaine.

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Dear Pauline, I am attending Writing on the Walls, at Elizabeth Gaskell House. Truly fascinated and eager to learn. Knowing your love of reading and books, I can’t recommend enough Mrs Gaskell’s books. I still have to read more myself.Then perhaps watch them on film, as you know I like a good drama. Having recently moved into the area, in fact, I am now a “neighbour” of the Gaskells. Not only does it give me pleasure to look at the house on a daily basis, and visit fairly regularly, I am overjoyed that the house was saved to continue the wonderful legacy that Elizabeth Gaskell has left. The volunteers and everyone who has played a part in saving and restoring the house and its history deserve medals for their passion and dedication. May the society got from strength to strength. Maybe see you here soon. Love Elaine x

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Received March 5, 2017.
Published June 21, 2017.