To Olive Morris, community activist. From year 6 students.


Dear Olive Morris, I do not know a lot about you but I have just discovered that you stood up for women and against racism and for women’s rights. I find you very interesting because you have founded the Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent (OWAAD) in Britain. Olive protested with other people to change the laws a few times so therefore she got arrested a few times. I admire many things about you, you stood up for women’s rights, against racism and for social equality. You were born in Jamaica and moved to London when she was only 9 years old. You stood up for people in the UK, against people saying that black people couldn’t get an education. I think she had to face lots of obstacles because she went to jail because of (fighting for) women’s rights, against racism and for social equality. Olive protested along with others to have these laws changed and was arrested herself quite a few times.

About Olive Morris

community activist. Born 1952, died 1979. More information about Olive Morris.

Received March 8, 2018.
Published March 21, 2018.