To SuAndi, writer. From Alicia Baten,David Owolabi,Wilson Lartey,Samuel Akande-Ajey,Abigail Ward.

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Dear SuAndi,

In the beginning we didn’t have a clue who you were, but now we have read this text, we have found out that you were an extremely inspiring spokeswoman. You have done: poetry, books, dance, and supported black artists find money to work, We admire your confidence while you faced racism and discrimination.

We have also learnt about your passion of supporting black artists which made you form a company, National Black Arts Alliance. You have encouraged people to discover their hidden and inner talents.

We are grateful.

Made and written by Alicia Baten, David Owolabi, Wilson Lartey, Samuel Akande-Ajey, Abigail Ward

About SuAndi

writer. Born 1951. More information about SuAndi.

Received March 8, 2018.
Published March 21, 2018.