Dear anonymous, friend.

Published June 23, 2017
From anonymous

Letter to anonymous from anonymous

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Dear Gillian Ayres, artist.

Published June 22, 2017
From Branwen York

Letter to Gillian Ayres from Branwen York

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Dear Pauline, friend.

Published June 21, 2017
From Elaine

Letter to Pauline from Elaine

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Dear Lucy Kemp Welch, painter and teacher.

Published June 15, 2017
From Grace McKenzie

Letter to Lucy Kemp Welch from Grace McKenzie

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Dear Joyce Layland, LGBT activist, mother.

Published June 14, 2017
From Emma

Letter to Joyce Layland from Emma

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Dear Emily Wilding Davison, suffragette.

Published May 10, 2017
From Sarah

Letter to Emily Wilding Davison from Sarah

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Dear Pamela Grant, mother.

Published May 5, 2017
From Kyle Grant

Letter to Pamela Grant from Kyle Grant

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Dear Aretha Franklin, singer, songwriter, musician.

Published May 4, 2017
From Suzanne Smith

Letter to Aretha Franklin from Suzanne Smith

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Dear Olga Kenyon, author, friend.

Published April 28, 2017
From Ann-Marie Vibhatika McCormack

Letter to Olga Kenyon from Ann-Marie Vibhatika McCormack

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Dear Rosa Luxemburg, theorist, philosopher, political activist.

Published April 27, 2017
From Katherine Rogers

Letter to Rosa Luxemburg from Katherine Rogers

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Dear Keely Donald, friend.

Published April 5, 2017
From Suzanne Bryceland

Letter to Keely Donald from Suzanne Bryceland

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Dear anonymous, friend.

Published March 23, 2017
From Ting Waterhouse

Letter to anonymous from Ting Waterhouse

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Dear Aunty Megan, aunt.

Published March 9, 2017
From Carina Ripley

Letter to Aunty Megan from Carina Ripley

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Dear Alison Lapper, artist.

Published March 8, 2017
From Jane McIver

Letter to Alison Lapper from Jane McIver

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Dear Atena Farghadani, artist, political activist.

Published March 2, 2017
From Will Harris

Letter to Atena Farghadani from Will Harris

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Dear Ethel Smyth, composer, musician, suffragette.

Published February 24, 2017
From Heather Roberts

Letter to Ethel Smyth from Heather Roberts

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Dear Alexis Hunter, artist.

Published February 23, 2017
From Kitt Richard

Letter to Alexis Hunter from Kitt Richard

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Dear Phillis Skinner, suffragist, author, socialist.

Published February 20, 2017
From Ali Ronan

Letter to Phillis Skinner from Ali Ronan

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Dear Florence Wheeldon, grandmother.

Published February 16, 2017
From Julie McGrann

Letter to Florence Wheeldon from Julie McGrann

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Dear Joan Høien, grandmother.

Published February 9, 2017
From Tanith Musson

Letter to Joan Høien from Tanith Musson

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Dear anonymous, mother.

Published February 6, 2017
From Viviana Ripa

Letter to anonymous from Viviana Ripa

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Dear Polly Maxwell, friend.

Published February 2, 2017
From Ting Waterhouse

Letter to Polly Maxwell from Ting Waterhouse

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Dear Ola Dabrowska, artist.

Published January 12, 2017
From Simon Botterill

Letter to Ola Dabrowska from Simon Botterill

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Dear Sharon Creech, author.

Published January 2, 2017
From Carina Ripley

Letter to Sharon Creech from Carina Ripley

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Dear Ariana Grande-Butera, singer, actor.

Published December 29, 2016
From Annam Irshad

Letter to Ariana Grande-Butera from Annam Irshad

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Dear Caroline Aherne, writer, comedian, actor.

Published December 28, 2016
From Katie Parker

Letter to Caroline Aherne from Katie Parker

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Dear Julie McGrann, wife, mother.

Published December 27, 2016
From Danny McGrann

Letter to Julie McGrann from Danny McGrann

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Dear Selena Gomez, singer, actor, philanthropist.

Published December 16, 2016
From Aaminah Irshad

Letter to Selena Gomez from Aaminah Irshad

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Dear Claudia Carvell, friend.

Published December 15, 2016
From Jess Gilby

Letter to Claudia Carvell from Jess Gilby

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Dear Gracie Fields, singer and actor.

Published December 14, 2016
From Caitlin-Lynham

Letter to Gracie Fields from Caitlin-Lynham

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Dear Ethel Carnie Holdsworth, writer, feminist, socialist activist.

Published November 23, 2016
From Nicola Wilson

Letter to Ethel Carnie Holdsworth from Nicola Wilson

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Dear Katie G, friend.

Published November 21, 2016
From Tribal Nick

Letter to Katie G from Tribal Nick

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Dear Margaret, friend.

Published November 18, 2016
From Bernie Jordan

Letter to Margaret from Bernie Jordan

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Dear Alexis Hunter, artist.

Published November 14, 2016
From Beatrice Davis

Letter to Alexis Hunter from Beatrice Davis

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Dear Christina, friend.

Published November 12, 2016
From Katie Parker

Letter to Christina from Katie Parker

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Dear Jenny Saville, artist.

Published September 29, 2016
From Oliver Bliss

Letter to Jenny Saville from Oliver Bliss

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Dear Enid Blyton, author.

Published September 23, 2016
From Bernie Jordan

Letter to Enid Blyton from Bernie Jordan

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Dear Elizabeth Leigh Hutchins, author, historian, social investigator.

Published September 22, 2016
From Sylvia Kölling

Letter to Elizabeth Leigh Hutchins from Sylvia Kölling

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Dear Harriet Tubman, abolitionist, humanitarian, armed scout and spy.

Published September 15, 2016
From Cat Crossley

Letter to Harriet Tubman from Cat Crossley

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Dear Enid Blyton, author, poet, teacher.

Published September 14, 2016
From Elin Griffiths-Warner

Letter to Enid Blyton from Elin Griffiths-Warner

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Dear Jacqueline Wilson, author.

Published September 8, 2016
From Victoria Banks

Letter to Jacqueline Wilson from Victoria Banks

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Dear Marie Stopes, palaeobotanist, women's rights campaigner, eugenicist.

Published September 2, 2016
From Helen Pownall

Letter to Marie Stopes from Helen Pownall

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Dear Ada Lovelace, mathematician, pioneer computer programmer.

Published August 31, 2016
From Penny Andrews

Letter to Ada Lovelace from Penny Andrews

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Dear Lilian Bland, journalist, aviator.

Published August 26, 2016
From Lucy Hartley

Letter to Lilian Bland from Lucy Hartley

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Dear Mary Wollstonecraft, writer, philosopher, advocate of women's rights.

Published August 24, 2016
From Bernadette Jordan

Letter to Mary Wollstonecraft from Bernadette Jordan

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Dear Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, author.

Published August 22, 2016
From Katie McKenna

Letter to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie from Katie McKenna

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Dear Amber, friend.

Published August 17, 2016
From Rebecca Humphrey

Letter to Amber from Rebecca Humphrey

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Dear Dott Hughes, art teacher.

Published August 8, 2016
From Lizzie Gent

Letter to Dott Hughes from Lizzie Gent

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Dear Amanda Palmer, singer-songwriter, musician.

Published August 5, 2016
From Krystie Norcliffe

Letter to Amanda Palmer from Krystie Norcliffe

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Dear Barbara Wootton, sociologist and criminologist.

Published August 3, 2016
From June Westley

Letter to Barbara Wootton from June Westley

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Dear Sophie Walker, journalist, author, politician.

Published August 2, 2016
From Cat Crossley

Letter to Sophie Walker from Cat Crossley

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Dear Mrs Stump, mother of Patrick Stump.

Published July 29, 2016
From Mena Griffiths-Warner

Letter to Mrs Stump from Mena Griffiths-Warner

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Dear Pearl Nielsen, grandmother.

Published July 27, 2016
From Rachel Belovich

Letter to Pearl Nielsen from Rachel Belovich

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Dear Lucy Bronze, footballer.

Published July 26, 2016
From Keith Westley

Letter to Lucy Bronze from Keith Westley

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Dear Jane Eyre, fictional character.

Published July 22, 2016
From Khadiza Bibi

Letter to Jane Eyre from Khadiza Bibi

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Dear Auntie May,Auntie Violet, family rights activists.

Published July 20, 2016
From June Westley

Letter to Auntie May,Auntie Violet from June Westley

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Dear Beryl Lantsberry, grandmother.

Published July 19, 2016
From Gemma Shardlow

Letter to Beryl Lantsberry from Gemma Shardlow

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Dear Rebekah, friend.

Published July 18, 2016
From Noah

Letter to Rebekah from Noah

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Dear Anne Hill, mother.

Published July 15, 2016
From Elin Hill

Letter to Anne Hill from Elin Hill

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Dear Barbara Castle, politician.

Published July 14, 2016
From Keith Westley

Letter to Barbara Castle from Keith Westley

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Dear Vera Jarvis, grandmother.

Published July 12, 2016
From Daniel Jarvis

Letter to Vera Jarvis from Daniel Jarvis

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Dear Anita Bowden, friend.

Published July 8, 2016
From Adrian,Veronika,Jessica

Letter to Anita Bowden from Adrian,Veronika,Jessica

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Dear George Eliot, author, translater, journalist.

Published July 7, 2016
From anonymous sender

Letter to George Eliot from anonymous sender

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Dear Artemisia Gentileschi, painter.

Published July 4, 2016
From Hebe Grace Phillips

Letter to Artemisia Gentileschi from Hebe Grace Phillips

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Dear Sam, friend.

Published July 1, 2016
From Alex

Letter to Sam from Alex

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Dear Hannah Arendt, political theorist.

Published June 30, 2016
From David Orr

Letter to Hannah Arendt from David Orr

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Dear Claude Cahun, artist, photographer and writer.

Published June 24, 2016
From Cherry Styles

Letter to Claude Cahun from Cherry Styles

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Dear Brooke Shaden, photographer.

Published June 23, 2016
From Tom Cornish

Letter to Brooke Shaden from Tom Cornish

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Dear Naini Lloyd, grandmother.

Published June 21, 2016
From anonymous

Letter to Naini Lloyd from anonymous

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Dear Jan Bridget, youth worker, ran Lesbian Information Service.

Published June 20, 2016
From Hebe Grace Phillips

Letter to Jan Bridget from Hebe Grace Phillips

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Dear Jo, friend.

Published June 16, 2016
From anonymous

Letter to Jo from anonymous

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Dear Valerie Solanas, radical feminist writer and artist.

Published June 14, 2016
From Cherry Styles

Letter to Valerie Solanas from Cherry Styles

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Dear Fabiola Taylor, mother.

Published June 12, 2016
From Marguerite Taylor

Letter to Fabiola Taylor from Marguerite Taylor

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Dear Loreta Asanavičiūté, activist.

Published June 11, 2016
From David Harms

Letter to Loreta Asanavičiūté from David Harms

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Dear Maria Strunz, teacher and lecturer.

Published June 10, 2016
From Petra Kölling

Letter to Maria Strunz from Petra Kölling

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Dear Ada Nield Chew, politician, suffragist, tailor.

Published June 7, 2016
From Kirsty Bunting

Letter to Ada Nield Chew from Kirsty Bunting

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Dear Jill Phipps, British animal rights activist.

Published June 5, 2016
From India Taylor

Letter to Jill Phipps from India Taylor

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Dear Phyllis Monk, teacher and founder of Chorleywood School.

Published June 2, 2016
From Peter Foale

Letter to Phyllis Monk from Peter Foale

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